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Patricia Haftar’s Studio

My art work covers a range of subject matter with my most favourite being landscapes.I like depicting places I have been in Canada with a particular emphasis on the Niagara Peninsula where I live, other parts Ontario and the eastern provinces of Canada. The greatest influence on my art, other than my fellow artists is the rhythm, harmony, textures, sounds, movement and colour of my surroundings.I strive to create something that is intrinsically pleasing to me and I want to share this very intimate experience with others. I make art to satisfy an inner instinct, to communicate with my viewers in a way that supersedes what mere language can describe.

I begin a piece of art by sifting through piles of photos that I have taken and usually I group three or four together with a similar theme.I then select one,enlarge it and have it photo copied in black and white as well as colour. The others will act as reference. I research any other components I may want to add to my painting i.e. boats,split rail fences, animals etc. I usually under paint my canvas in warm tones. I am currently experimenting with glazing thin layers of paint and using water as a resist. This all started with a love of diffused backgrounds with photo realistic foregrounds. I call it "something for everyone".

I want my style to evolve as I experience more interesting discoveries. When others view my work I want them to be enticed by the movement,colour and rhythm of the piece. I want them to reflect about a time they, too, got caught up in a flash of colour, a whisper of wind, the reminiscent sounds and textures of nature.

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