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Why The Web?

Why The Web?

"If you were offered advertising space in a medium that had millions in readership and was adding thousands of new clients everyday, would you take it?"

One hundred years ago, advertising was conducted in person by means of door to door salesmen. More recently, newspapers, magazines and telephone directories were used to introduce new clients to a business' services. Now, print media is no longer the first place people turn to for what they need; today, it is the Internet and a company's website. If your business does not have a website, then many potential customers will not know you exist.

When you consider how many people are using the Internet, every day, around the world, the possibilities for your company are endless! You can reach viewers that no newspaper can offer you, clients that may never see your television ad! Is this a market that you want to pass up?

What was once obscure and loosely connected has become the fastest growing source of information throughout the globe. For many, the Internet is the first stop for researching new products and potential purchases. Screen shopping is becoming a greater past time than window shopping, with more productive results. A shopper can find prices, specifications, evaluations and purchase locations without leaving their home. Diners will often review a restaurant menu and critique comments before making a decision.

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