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Me, Myself & Money

The Life You Want to Live Has Everything and Nothing To Do With Money To achieve the life you want, you must first understand that money has everything and nothing to do with it. Let’s start with everything. Our relationship with money runs through our entire lives. Our parents’ financial circumstances and – more importantly – their...
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Cambridge Money Coaching

Coping with money issues, both practically and psychologically, can be a major life struggle for many people and yet there is very little help available. Collectively our society values money more than anything else, but we are never taught how to understand our relationship with it.  Financial anxiety can affect us all, but we find it hard to talk about...
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Unblock Your Wealth

Winnie is a win-trepreneur, best-selling author, business coach and money coach. Her passion is to inspire, motivate and empower others around the world to be their authentic selves and transform their businesses and lives to be abundant and purposeful as they desire....
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Inner Money Dynamics

Through her own journey of becoming a money coach, she was provided the education and knowledge to help others. It has further ignited her passion to inspire and empower her clients to move beyond their limiting money behaviors and positively transform their relationship with money....
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