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Portfolio Category: Money Coaching Institute

Zoey Shannon: Certified Money Coach

Zoey Shannon’s effectiveness as a coach lies within her passions of health, wellness, spirituality, and personal finance. With her holistic approach to coaching, Zoey’s ultimate goal is to guide her clients toward achieving a balanced life, and to arm them with the tools needed to uncover their most empowered selves.

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The Compassionate Money Coach

The entire constellation of our lives is connected to money: our work, our relationships, our values, our hopes and dreams. So it’s no surprise that in order to succeed, we need to examine our relationship with money. As a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, I’m here to help you navigate the complicated and emotional world of...
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Rachel J Gregory: Money Coach

As a money and property investment coach, I can put you on the road to a stronger financial future. My mission is to support YOU to value who you are, have what you want and leave a legacy!...
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Pamela Plick Author

Now is the time for women to stand strong in their relationship with money, because it is the gateway to creating greater independence and confident, forward movement in creating the lives they desire. Did you know that your personal relationship with money directly impacts your personal as well as professional life? Does this sound like...
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