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  • Me, Myself & Money

    Me, Myself & Money

    The Life You Want to Live Has Everything and Nothing To Do With Money To achieve the life you want,...

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  • Pelham Summerfest 2019

    Pelham Summerfest 2019

    Come Chill on the Hill! Four days of family fun take place in Fonthill, Ontario over the 3rd weekend of...

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  • SteWorks Carpentry

    SteWorks Carpentry

    Licensed, insured carpenter with over 10 years experience. Quality workmanship for your interior and exterior home renovations. Call for your...

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  • L Ruggiero Transcript Services

    L Ruggiero Transcript Services

    Ensuring the tone, cadence and delivery within dialogue are conveyed onto the printed page for a fair transcript....

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  • Urge To Purge

    Urge To Purge

    Our core business is engineered around decluttering client’s homes and helping them reclaim their space. From removal of unwanted furniture, clothing,...

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  • Closets, Shutters & More

    Closets, Shutters & More

    Closets, Shutters & More has been serving the Niagara Region for over twenty years, providing quality products and professional installation....

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  • Grand Oak Culinary Market

    Grand Oak Culinary Market

    At the Grand Oak Culinary Market, our focus is to provide you with a great selection of local produce that...

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  • Cambridge Money Coaching

    Cambridge Money Coaching

    Coping with money issues, both practically and psychologically, can be a major life struggle for many people and yet there...

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  • Unblock Your Wealth

    Unblock Your Wealth

    Winnie is a win-trepreneur, best-selling author, business coach and money coach. Her passion is to inspire, motivate and empower others around...

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  • Stick & Stone Art

    Stick & Stone Art

    I am creating meaningful pieces that represent feelings of life expressions. My work is divided into woodworking, stone and woodworking...

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  • Inner Money Dynamics

    Inner Money Dynamics

    Through her own journey of becoming a money coach, she was provided the education and knowledge to help others. It...

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  • The Financial Wellness Coach

    The Financial Wellness Coach

    The key to overall financial happiness lies in simplicity and intentional thinking. Financial anxiety does not limit itself to households...

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