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AODA Compliance

AODA Compliance

As of January 1, 2021, AODA Compliance rules have changed for Ontario businesses. If you find yourself needing an easy to implement solution for your website, please contact us! This low cost solution is easy to implement on any website to deliver a fully compliant alternate dashboard for your users as they need.

Web accessibility is essentially a set of rules, behaviors, code standards, and design guidelines that were created by the W3C and are called the WCAG 2.1.

The WCAG 2.1 is a massive 1,000-page guidebook that encapsulates a range of disabilities that go from hindering internet use to making internet use impossible without adjustments. This spectrum actually comprises 20-25% of the general population depending on if we're going with the CDC or WHO.

There are many disabilities covered, and the primary categories that require attention are:

  • blind people using screen-readers,
  • the motor-impaired using only the keyboard to navigate,
  • epilepsy, color blindness,
  • cognitive and learning disabilities,
  • visual impairments, and more

The WCAG 2.1 at the AA level has been adopted as the global standard for web accessibility acting as the benchmark in legislation such as the ADA title 3, Section 508, AODA, EN 301549, and many others.

For an example of our solution, click on the icon in the bottom right corner of this screen. Notice how the integrity of your website's design remains intact while users with accessibility needs have the ability to modify the site as they need it.

Contact us for more information on pricing and implementation.

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