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I received a referral from an old tennis friend to contact Melissa Wells and her website design business found on I can’t thank Melissa enough for her excellent work in designing my BrockUStudentRooms website. Since I am retired I had to find a website designer that would not charge an arm and a leg which was the case when I was doing my research. Also, I am quite inarticulate when it comes to understanding the whole website development business but Melissa took the time through many emails to guide me through the process.

Secondly, I was really surprised by the quality of my website as she did those magical things only website designers can do to make my information and photos stand out better. I probably gave her too much information for my website but she was able to make it very presentable.

Lastly, Melissa was more than extremely fair in what she charged me for all the work she did. I actually feel guilty. No doubt she spent more time putting my website together than she charged me. Plus the time replying to my emails.

Gil White,